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Product Info

Q: Where are your eco-goods made?

A: Our eco-friendly products are made in China. We import them to our warehouse in Illinois. We ship all the orders from our warehouse. 

Q: What materials are your products made with?

A: Most of our products are made from 100% bamboo fiber with polyester thread for durability. We use bamboo because it is compostable, durable, soft, and absorbent. Our loofah sponges are 100% natural loofah with a cotton loop for hanging. We strive to source natural and sustainable materials for all our products, and in cases where there are no natural options, we use what is available to create the best quality, long-lasting reusables to save you money and reduce our collective impact.

Q: How absorbent is your bamboo fabric? I.e. Reusable, Paperless Towels/ Clothes / Dishcloths /etc

A: We do not pre-wash our fabric, so it is the least absorbent when first used, but bamboo fiber gets more absorbent after a few washes. Bamboo cloths and reusable paper towels shrink a little bit after the first wash because of natural bamboo fabric. 

Q: How do I wash/care for my cloth reusables?

A: For best results, wash cold with like colors and air dry. All fabric items last longer when washed by hand, but don’t be afraid to toss them in the washing machine for a more rigorous clean.   

We recommend washing the clothes in a wash bag with biodegradable detergent. It is highly recommended to wash the clothes before the first use as this helps to increase absorbency. 

Can chlorine bleach be used in the cleaning of these paper towels and cloths?

A: We don’t recommend cleaning the cloths and reusable paper towels with chlorine bleach because it will shorten the longevity of your clothes and unpaper towels.

How tight is the mesh of bamboo clothes? I might use it for straining yogurt and kefir

A: Our bamboo clothes are 4 plies and the mesh is too tight. We never tried straining yogurt and kefir with our bamboo clothes but it would probably take a long time to do that.

Are these products able to be recycled when finished with it?

A: Yes, they are able to be recycled when finished with it. It can be made into Non-woven fabric materials.

Order FAQ's

Q: I forgot to add something to my order, can I add it now?

A: Once the order has begun processing we cannot add to your order. If your order is eligible for cancellation (within 24 hours of placement and hasn’t shipped), we can cancel your order so you can place a single order with all your desired items. Please email us at support@ecoboo.net with your order number for instructions.

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Orders may be canceled within 24 hours after the order has been placed if it has not shipped yet. Email us at support@ecoboo.net with your order number and we will cancel your order if requirements are met.

Q: What can I do if I want to cancel my order after 24 hours?

A: We begin processing your order as soon as it’s placed and cannot cancel orders after 24 hours. However, you can return the unopened package for a full refund, excluding shipping costs (conditions apply). We will process a refund when we receive the package. Please email support@ecoboo.net with your order number for instructions.

Shipping and Returns

Q: What kind of packaging do you use/how do you ship your products?

A: We ship plastic-free, always.  All of our products are packaged with recyclable craft paper or boxes with acid-free ink.

Q: What are your shipping rates?

A: Shipping is free if your order is $50 or more. If it is lower than $50, it is a flat shipping rate. 


Q: I got my order but my item was damaged. What can I do?

A: Damages must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. Please send a picture of the damage along with your order number to support@ecoboo.net so we can replace your item(s) or file a claim with the postal service. Include photos of your package with the product, box, packaging, and invoice in view in order for us to get an idea of how the damage occurred.

Q: Something was missing from my order. What can I do?

A: Please email us with your order number and photos of your package (exterior and interior packaging, contents, and the invoice in view) to support@ecoboo.net and we will work towards a resolution.

Q: My order says it’s been delivered but I haven’t received it. What can I do?

A: Once we ship your order, it is in the care of the postal service. Here’s what you can do to investigate the whereabouts of your package:

  • Verify the shipping address is correct on your order
  • Call your local post office. They often have more accurate details on the delivery, like how and where it was left
  • Ask other household members if they have seen it or with neighbors to see if it was delivered to them by accident

If your package still has not arrived, email us at support@ecoboo.net with your order number.