About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Reusable Paper Towels & Clothes & Loofah Sponges

We are passionate about manufacturing natural, zero-waste alternatives to household disposables. Our main focus is on paper towel alternatives, reusable paper towels, clothes. The other main focus is loofah sponges and natural brushes for dishwashing. 

Our Company

ECOBOO is a family business located in Sheridan. The company was born in 2018. Being passionate about the ecological lifestyle, we were inspired by the planet’s current needs to create in-demand, sustainable and ecological products that reduce everyone’s carbon footprint.

Our main goal is to produce natural, eco-friendly alternatives for household disposables. Rather than wasting your money and time, you can choose to save these for your future.  We would love to help you save your money and time. 

A true zero-waste lifestyle is not for everyone, but with our products, living in a more eco-responsible way by taking small daily actions becomes much easier.

Ecoboo Ceo - Mustafa Bayrakdar

Our Team

Hi, I am Mustafa,

I started ECOBOO while I had a very slow season and plenty of time as an interior designer in 2018.  I have always had a passion for saving and not wasting anything but I was building a career that is totally the opposite side of saving. As an interior designer, I couldn’t finish many of my projects without wasting lots of unnecessary stuff. It was irritating me to waste time, money, effort, or any other kind of thing. I knew that each project had a time limit and money budget but we still couldn’t be able to stay on track to save on our projects. I realized it wasn’t easy not to waste anything on my design projects. 

I tried to find solutions for any kind of waste. This attitude leads me to my side hustle to find better products for saving time and money and I came across our very first product idea; bamboo cleaning clothes as an alternative to paper towels. It is really soft and absorbs much more than paper towels. Reusable bamboo clothes had a huge effect on me because it saves us from our daily wasteful habit – paper towels. It also reminds us that we are wasting too much. So I decided to design every aspect of the product idea to make it real. Our most important task is to make the highest quality product for our customers. Since then we have sold thousands of products to our customers who want to change their daily habits to saving and not wasting anything. 

Thank you for making such a positive impact on our environment!