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Sustainability Spotlight: GreenCitizen

In our ongoing Sustainability Spotlight series, we are thrilled to feature GreenCitizen, a company that has been steadfast in its mission to make every day Earth Day since its inception on a sunny afternoon in 2005 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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GreenCitizen is more than just a company; it's a socially responsible entity committed to providing actionable information and services to enable everyone to live a sustainable life. With over 250,000 customers and 140,000 monthly active readers, GreenCitizen is making a significant impact in the realm of sustainability.

Their approach to promoting sustainable living is holistic and involves four critical components: Learn, Be Aware, Act, and Share. GreenCitizen believes that the journey towards sustainable living begins with learning. As individuals become more aware of the fundamentals of sustainability, they are empowered to act and, in turn, share their experiences, creating a cycle of continuous learning and action.

GreenCitizen's commitment to sustainability is reflected in their various initiatives. Their curated collection of inspiring environmental news aims to motivate and energize readers. They also publish actionable blog posts that provide practical tips on reducing carbon footprints, creating a green home and lifestyle, and reviewing green products.

To make sustainable living more accessible, GreenCitizen introduced the Green Directory, a resource for finding nearby green facilities, including farmer’s markets, organic farms, and bulk stores. Their Green Store offers eco-conscious products for green living, including refurbished electronics.

Recognizing the importance of job creation in the green sector, GreenCitizen launched the Sustainability Jobs Board, a platform for finding and posting jobs in the environmental, renewable energy, and social impact sectors.

In response to the global e-waste management crisis, GreenCitizen provides electronics recycling pickup and drop-off services in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have served over 460,000 recycling customers and recycled over 29 million pounds of electronics.

Their latest initiative, the Circular Economy Initiative, aims to support companies that have developed state-of-the-art circular economy technologies and products. This initiative recognizes the need for local product manufacturing to reduce the environmental impact of long-distance shipping and global supply chain disruptions.

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We are proud to feature GreenCitizen in our Sustainability Spotlight. Their dedication to providing reliable, accessible, and comprehensive information on sustainability is truly inspiring. We encourage our readers to visit GreenCitizen and join their mission to make every day Earth Day.

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