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Sustainability Spotlight: 1 Million Women

In this edition of our Sustainability Spotlight series, we are excited to feature 1 Million Women, a global movement of women and girls committed to taking action against climate change through their everyday choices and actions.

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Founded by Natalie Isaacs, a former cosmetics manufacturer, 1 Million Women was born out of a personal epiphany. Natalie realized that she had the power to make a significant impact on the environment by reducing her household's electricity consumption by 20%. This realization led her to understand that every action we take shapes the world we live in and that as individuals and as a collective, we hold immense power.

Leaving behind the over-packaged world of skincare and beauty products, Natalie embarked on a journey to build a global movement that empowers women to act on climate change through their lifestyle choices. Launched in 2009, 1 Million Women has grown into a movement of over 1,000,000 women and girls across various social media channels.

The core belief of 1 Million Women is that the world needs a lifestyle revolution. While it's crucial to sign petitions, put pressure on governments, and march on the streets, it's equally important to live lives that are not filled with overconsumption. Natalie's climate journey from apathy to action is a testament to the fact that changing one's lifestyle is not easy, but it's a key component in addressing the climate crisis.

1 Million Women emphasizes that how we live each day matters. Small actions, when multiplied by millions, can change the system. The movement encourages women and girls everywhere never to underestimate their power and to use their voices and votes to make a difference.

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We are proud to feature 1 Million Women in our Sustainability Spotlight. Their dedication to empowering women and girls to take action against climate change through their everyday choices is truly inspiring. We encourage our readers to visit 1 Million Women and join their mission to create a more sustainable world.

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